Saturday, November 24, 2007

a mile(stone) a minute

It feels like every time we turn around, Noah's doing something new. It's terribly exciting, and more than a little bit scary at the same time. Last time I posted about him rocking on all fours...

Sunday he was inching forward, and within minutes, he had it all figured out.

Monday he was cruising around deliberately. We laughed that he'd actually slowed down because he refused to drop back to his belly to get where he wanted to go.

By Tuesday, he was faster on all fours than on his belly. (watch video)

Wednesday PoPo taught him to drop his toys (thanks!!!) and pick them back up again.

Thursday (Thanksgiving), Aunt Elaine noticed that he was sitting up totally on his own with great balance.
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Friday, it only took a few minutes to conquer crawling on a slippery wood floor.

Saturday he pulled up to kneeling -- and then right away to standing -- on his favorite stool. (watch video)

What next?!? Reading by Christmas?

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Robyn said...

Your little guy amazes me. Looks like you have your hands full already! Makes me look around this place and think about all the stuff we're going to have to move/lock/replace soon. Yikes!