Monday, December 17, 2007

Big Boy

For the last 3 or 4 days, when I go to spray Noah's nose with saline before bedtime, he just sits really still and patiently lets me do it. Same with the blue sucker bulb. It's freaky -- he used to scream and twist and bury his face where we couldn't get to it! It's like he's all grown up and knows it's good for him. So weird. Yesterday I was doing the sucker bulb and he grabbed for the tip, and I thought he'd stick it in his mouth (all little boys eat their boogers, right?), but he gently stuck it back in his nose. How bizarre!!!!!!!!!! Maybe he was aiming for his mouth and he missed!

He's also become a little more destructive. Not intentionally, I'm sure; he's just learning to throw his weight around. Here he sits in the middle of his play gym, after pulling it down around himself and yanking the windchimes off:


One more thing that I just have to share - Noah LOVES it when I sing Christmas carols to him. He grins ear to ear. I guess I do more singing in December than usual! Hope you all are having a merry season too!

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