Thursday, October 29, 2009


Noah blew mommy and daddy away last night. PoPo brought him some alphabet flash cards, and yesterday he wanted to look at them. We weren't too shocked that he could name every letter, but we had no idea that he knew all the phonetic sounds to go along with them. "C: kuh-kuh-kuh." All 26. Who teaches him this stuff? PBS? Daycare?

It made me pause when I realized he was reading better than he could speak. Case in point: Noah doesn't say "butterfly" yet. Until recently, he just called them "flies," but this week he's added a syllable so that it's more like "uh-fly." One of the flashcards last night had a butterfly on it, to which he said "B: buh-buh-buh...uh-fly." I could see the little wheels spinning like mad in his head when he realized what was going on in his mouth. I think we might see another verbal explosion in the coming days!

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