Thursday, June 12, 2008

For the record,

For the record, peanut butter hair may look nastier than cottage cheese hair, but it smells better three hours later. For the record, I may be obligated to feed Noah at least three times a day, but I refuse to bathe him more than once a day on a regular basis, regardless of how his hair smells! Besides, that's what all this swimming is for, right?

For the record, Noah will still eat plain yogurt off a spoon. He will also eat banana covered in yogurt off a spoon. He will even eat meatball covered in yogurt off a spoon. And corn. This may open a whole new world of possibility.

For the record, how do I implement the three-day allergy wait between new food exposures if I can't get Noah to touch, much less ingest, scrambled eggs or strawberries? What does it take to qualify as exposure? He used to eagerly taste new stuff, at least once.

For the record, one of the best things about turning one is being free to eat/try all those foods that have been off-limits up till now. Maybe my fruit and cheese boy will finally find something else that's gobble-worthy.

And a question: Without getting too graphic (the moms out there know), is there any nutritional value to corn whatsoever if you don't chew the kernels before swallowing?


Tara said...

Well... I haven't looked that close, but I think the exiting corn is just the skin, right? The fleshy inside should have been digested. This might be worth checking into.

Or not. It will depend on the stink factor of the next diaper. :)

Kate O. said...

Just in case you haven't tried it...Jesse doesn't like scrambled eggs but he GOBBLES up hard boiled egg yolk (and he'll mostly eat the white too if I cut it up for hiM!) So there's another possible way to get him the protein!

The Garske's said...

Corn has no nutrional value!! Don't know why we eat it :)

Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails said...

Yep no value.....just a starch. But it sure tastes good and keeps their tummies full and they always seem to eat it when nothing else is working.