Friday, August 21, 2009

Camera? What's that?

I don't think about getting out the camera often enough...
Babies grow up so fast, don't they?



This was my first week back to school for meetings and such, and we all survived. Noah had lots of fun playing at Ms. D's house again, and was excited to introduce her to his little sister. Amelia did really well, except for the part where she was expected to drink my milk from a *gasp* bottle! We had been practicing, so it wasn't too bad, but she did hold out longer and longer each day (till 3:30 on Thursday!), waiting for the milk on tap. Today she finally relented a little, but I won't be surprised if we start over again on Monday. At least we know she won't wither away. Did I mention she was in the 97th percentile at her two-month checkup?

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Lucy E said...

Isn't it funny how your little ones both drank from the same "tap" but yet one is growing so much more rapid than the other? I'm shocked at Aiden's growth because I thought all my kids would be tall lightweights.

She's a cutie!