Thursday, September 8, 2011

Four Months

If 3 was the hand-eating month, let 4 go on record as the month for ear-to-ear grins. Such fun!! To me, they're looking more and more alike every day. If it weren't for Joshua's few leftover long locks (that never fell out), I'd really have to stop and think hard about who's who.
The little guys had their 4-month well visit this morning. Jacob has caught up with Joshua on length (25", 50th percentile) and head size (17", 72nd percentile) and is gaining ground on their weight difference. Joshua is 17lbs 5oz (88%) and Jacob is 16lbs 4 oz (75%). Both handled their shots like the little troopers that they are, and now mommy is enjoying a rare day at home with two babies. Think I can get them both down at the same time and sneak in a nap? I'm not going to hold my breath... The sleeping one just yelled out. Time to go!

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