Thursday, October 6, 2011

What they're teaching in schools these days.

At the big kids' school this week, they're learning about our solar system. In the car on the way home, Noah was talking about the planets, "the hottest one, then the coldest one, then the one where we live." I was curious if he knew any of their names, so I started asking questions. Our planet? Earth, check! Biggest? Jupiter, check! Smallest? (wait, do I still know the answer to this question?!), Pluto. Umm... Pluto? "Pluto. Some people say it's a planet and some people say it's not." Oh right, that Pluto. I guess we're still in a transition phase while all the kids' books get re-written. :)

If you're a part of the elementary school crowd these days, I'm dying to know what my very educated mother just served us these days. Anyone??

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