Sunday, April 22, 2012

And they're off!

Joshua and Jacob are right on the verge of walking, even more so now than last week when I snapped this photo. They LOVE to push this toy around together:

Unlike with crawling, where Josh was almost two months ahead of Jacob, they've been neck in neck for the footrace. Josh probably pulled to a stand first, but Jacob was the one inclined to let go and practice his balance. Josh cruised the furniture more, and Jacob was more willing to pick up his foot without anything to hold onto. Josh took 2-3 steps here and there before Jacob, and Jacob was the first to string together 6 or 8. The past few days I've "caught" Joshua walking further and more often, but I have no doubt that when they're finally up and mobile, they'll be toddling around together.

Here's another toy they love to share lately:

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