Sunday, April 22, 2012


The babies haven't been spending much time outside, unless we pull the exersaucers out on the back porch or push them around in the stroller.   It's just not as easy to carry two babies around while doing yardwork or playing in sandboxes.  :)  I have vague memories of spreading quilts out on the grass for the older kids to spend time outside before they were walking, but these two are not as easy to contain.  Dave constructed this labyrinth of a play area today, with tunnels and tents and playscapes and slides, thinking it would be entertaining enough to keep them corralled a little bit.

Entertaining, yes.  Corralling, no.  Every time Josh came out of that tunnel, he'd head straight across the backyard, toward dirt piles and flower beds and mud and bugs and...

"Hey, mom!  Take a picture of me too!" says Amelia.

So I quickly, quickly, quickly snap a photo of her coming out of the tunnel, and RUN to catch up with Joshua, just in time to find him...

... on top of the picnic table.  (The camera was already in my hand.  I snapped this photo as I was dropping the camera to catch the baby.  Really, I promise!)

Back to the buckles, babies!! 

(Dave tells me he caught Josh standing on top of the piano bench earlier this week.  So much for baby-proofing.)

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