Saturday, February 20, 2010

I hate to sound like I'm bragging, but...

Noah just wrote his name!

Okay, maybe you missed it... let me help:

The N is a little disconnected (ignore the horizontal swoop that came later, it's the two vertical lines with a barely-diagonal vertical line in between), and the H is a bit wide, and of course the whole thing is not linear, but he's TWO... whaddyaexpect? :)

As an aside, nobody pays me to endorse Crayola, but their Hassle-Free Watercolors are really cool!

Oh, and since I'm already bragging, this morning he also solo-finished a Wii MarioKart race in Not-Last place for the first time! Seventh place, in fact.


Peter said...

love it. and your graphic overlay was priceless.

Robyn said...

Very impressive!! Definitely brag-worthy. Go Noah!