Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pampers Gifts to Grow Points

I started a list way back in November, with lots of free promo codes for the Pampers Gifts to Grow program. I've found so many more freebies since then that I thought it was worth re-posting. Let me know if you know of any more promo codes, if you find out any of these are expired, or if you have one-time codes from Pampers diapers or wipes that you're not using!

In the past year or so, they've changed their prizes to eliminate shipping and handling charges, and they've added lots of great toys (Melissa & Doug, Manhattan Baby, etc.) Check out my November hack to see how to stretch these promo codes even further.

Promotional Code STARTEARNINGNOW 10
Promotional Code OHAMANDAAWGTG08 10
Promotional Code WELCOMEBONUS089 10
Promotional Code WELCOME2GTG0809 10
Promotional Code THRIFTYMOMMYGTG 10
Promotional Code JUSTBECAUSE2009 10
Promotional Code GRATUIT89102009 10
Promotional Code XKCMYXFVD96VXVK 30
Promotional Code JOINTHEFUNGTG09 10
Promotional Code happyholidays10 10
Promotional Code WELCOME2GTG2010
Promotional Code WELCOME2VILLAGE
Promotional Code GTGPLAY2USA2010 30
NEW! (2/17/10) GTGTEAMUSA2010 30
NEW! (4/3/10) APR2010FACEBOOK 10
NEW! (5/1/10) GTGLEARNMORE089 10
NEW! (5/15/10) GTGSPRINGFREE10 10
NEW! (5/15/10) GETSTARTEDNOW10 10

In May 2010, I started another new GTG account (see the hack I posted way back when) and a few of these had expired. I crossed out the point values on those that didn't work for me this time. Let me know if you have better luck with them, or if any others expire.

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RyderMakes3 said...

Thank you so much, Carol! That was sure easy, I just copy and pasted the codes in! The only one that was expired was the happyholidays one. guess I have not visited the site for awhile, because I didn't realize they had increased the point value!