Thursday, February 7, 2008

It just feels better.

Noah started with a new daycare provider today. The last place was a brand-name baby factory with a good reputation, a 10:2 baby:sitter ratio, and apparently, some pretty drug-resistant germs! His new sitter Ms. D. is a registered in-home lady who cares for 3 other infant/toddlers, has been in the business for 20-odd years, and came uber-highly-recommended by a colleague of Dave's. It's been less than a week since she was referred to us, and even though we weren't actively looking for a new arrangement, it just feels right. Things fell into place rather quickly. Noah was out sick for a week, we got this lady's name and interviewed her, and just hours before he was ready to go back to the big baby factory, his spot opened up. Sometimes the stars line up just so!

Things are working out so nicely that I hope it's a sign good things to come. We decided to eat the dual payments over our two-week cancellation period and switch Noah over as soon as possible. Mom was able to come yesterday on a moment's notice (thanks, Grandma!!!) so that we didn't have to take Noah back to germ-city for even one day; the new lady offered to start him on Monday, with a trial run today; and (wonder of wonders) the big baby factory let us off the hook without even paying for this week of unused childcare.

On the way to the new place today, we stopped by the old one to pay our last respects (i.e. pick up Noah's stuff and square away the bills). Noah was quiet the whole time we were there, but he gave me the biggest smile ever on our way out the door! And he chattered away on the drive from there to the new place. The best part is that when I dropped Noah off this afternoon, he smiled at me from Ms. D's arms as we said bye-bye. Okay, so he was crying by the time I hit the door, but I'll take what I can get!

Please, please, please let this work out!

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Tara said...

Oh, Carol, it sounds so promising! I hope things work out with Ms. D!