Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Driving Noah to Ms. D's today, I had a thought. (Hold the presses! She thinks!) He's done fairly well when I've dropped him off so far, but today is probably the day that the realization sets in: when Mommy hands him over, she's leaving and he's staying to play for several hours until Daddy comes to get him. And then I went one hopelessly optimistic thought further. If he DOESN'T wail, then that means Ms. D truly is a miracle-worker and all will be right in the world.

No surprise, he wailed. Luckily, my background in formal logic still allows for the possibility that Ms. D may be a miracle-worker and all may still be right in the world, even if at that moment it sure didn't seem like it.

If it seems like my emotional state is hinged around daycare these days, this is a lot better than last month, when my world revolved around daycare on top of multiple nasty ear infections!


=) said...

I knew I had found the right caregiver the day that I first visited. A mom came to pick up a little boy and he cried. He cried because he didn't want to leave. I think that will be the day I cry. Right now Murph smiles when I leave and smiles when I return. I am SO lucky

julia said...

((hugs)) to you. antonio smiles when we get there too, but i still hate having to drop him off. saying a little prayer that it gets easier for little noah, and his mommy of course.