Monday, February 11, 2008

Still better.

I confess. I'm the mom who hesitates to call and check on her kid because I don't know what to do or say or feel if the caregiver says he's not doing well and I'm not in a position to fix it. But I tossed that aside and called to check on Noah today at Ms. D's, and she said he is doing great: playing, eating, drinking, and she almost got him down for a nap. In fact, I could hear him in the background making his little "ah?" noises, so I know she was being honest. And then she told him she was talking to mommy on the phone, and I heard "WAAAHHH!" Yup! Sounds like my boy!


Tara said...

Can you hear me sighing with relief? I'm so glad that Noah is liking Ms. D's better.

Carol said...

Aww, thanks Tara! I'm trying not to sigh too soon, but it sure is nice to feel optimistic for a bit!